Foxway Trading Terms

Condition of Sale and Delivery

December 2023
  • 1. Validity

    • 1.1. The conditions of sale and delivery apply to all offers, sales and deliveries unless otherwise agreed in writing.
    • 1.2. The purchaser's general conditions of purchase, regardless of whether these are an integral part of the purchaser's purchase documentation, including acceptance, are not applicable. This applies regardless of when these are issued.
  • 2. Offer and order confirmations/invoices

    • 2.1. A final agreement is only signed upon the purchaser's receipt of a written order confirmation from Foxway, expressly named as such, or an invoice. Only the content of these is binding for Foxway. In addition, catalogues, brochures, price lists etc. and information regarding the product's dimensions, weight and particular characteristics should be obtained by the purchaser prior to ordering the product. Such information is only intended as a guide and is only binding for Foxway if this is expressly stated in the order confirmation or invoice. Foxway accepts no liability for any errors or information in written materials prepared by suppliers and distributed regarding products. This applies to any form of sales material, description, user instructions etc.
  • 3. Online customer account

    • 3.1. Only companies can have an online account at For companies, the term account holder covers both the company and its representatives.
    • 3.2. You can become the account holder of a account once you have approved our trading terms and privacy policy and are registered in our system. As confirmation that the registration has been completed, we send a confirmation email to the email address you provided.
    • 3.3. As the account holder, you are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide is correct and complete. When changing your personal data, e.g. name / phone number / address, you should immediately notify Foxway of the change.
    • 3.4. Access to an online customer account is personal and may not be transferred to another person or company. Login information, username and password, to the customer account on must be managed in such a way that they do not come to the knowledge of unauthorized persons. You are responsible for the purchases made with your login details.
    • 3.5. If you suspect that an unauthorized person knows your password, you must immediately change your password and report your suspicion to Foxway.
    • 3.6. You can close your account at any time by contacting your account manager. When closing your account, it may be necessary for Foxway to process your personal data in connection with our legal obligations.
    • 3.7. Foxway reserves the right to immediately close an account and cancel any discounts or offers in the event of suspected inappropriate use or inappropriate behavior. Abuse is considered, for example, violation of terms, provision of incorrect information, fraud or attempts of fraud.
    • 3.8. When placing an order, a receipt is sent via e-mail to the customer's registered e-mail. The receipt provides information about the contents of the order. When the order is dispatched from the Foxways warehouse, an order confirmation is sent to the customer's e-mail. A binding agreement is entered between the customer and Foxway when the order confirmation is sent to the customer - however, the order is binding for the customer when the order is placed at
    • 3.9. A customer is not entitled to transfer an agreement, rights or obligations pursuant to an agreement without Foxway's written consent.
    • 3.10. As an account holder, you are obliged to familiarize yourself with any changes to Foxway's trading terms and privacy policy.
    • 3.11. If the account holder has been inactive for more than 2 years, the account will be closed. You are considered to be passive when you have not logged in via your account / made a purchase / have no debt linked to your account.
  • 4. Prices

    • 4.1. All sales shall be based on the agreed prices in accordance with the sales confirmation or invoice.
    • 4.2. The prices are ex Foxway’s warehouse unless otherwise agreed in writing. All prices are exclusive of VAT, freight, duty, tax and other charges unless otherwise indicated.
    • 4.3. If the prices quoted for the delivery change due to changes in purchase prices, exchange rates or similar, Foxway is entitled to change the prices quoted to the purchaser. Foxway is not bound by any indicated freight rates.
    • 4.4. Changes in official charges of any kind, including import and export charges, duties and taxes which occur after Foxway's order confirmation are irrelevant to Foxway and shall be borne by the purchaser.
    • 4.5. The purchaser shall pay expenses to the carrier.
  • 5. Payment

    • 5.1. Payment shall be made at the latest on the date indicated by the order confirmation or invoice as the last date for payment to be received on time.
    • 5.2. If a due date is not indicated, payment shall be in cash on the invoice date.
    • 5.3. In the case of continuous supplies, Foxway is entitled to invoice the purchaser on account monthly in arrears. The invoice shall refer to the agreement between the parties.
    • 5.4. If delivery is postponed due to the purchaser's situation, the purchaser – unless Foxway informs the purchaser otherwise in writing – is still obliged to make payment to Foxway as though a delivery had taken place at the agreed time.
    • 5.5. If payment is made after the due date, Foxway is entitled to calculate interest on the amount outstanding at any given time starting from the due date at a rate of 2% for each month or part thereof.
    • 5.6. The purchaser is not entitled to offset payment against any counterclaim against Foxway which is not confirmed by Foxway in writing, nor is the purchaser entitled to withhold any part of the purchase amount due to counterclaims of any kind.
    • 5.7. Discounts of any kind are offered only on condition of payment being made on time.
    • 5.8. Non-compliance with Foxway's payment conditions shall be regarded as a substantial breach of contract which entitles Foxway to halt further deliveries and to require that any debt, outstanding or not, is paid immediately.
  • 6. Retention of title

    • 6.1. Foxway reserves the right of ownership in every respect for the goods supplied. The goods supplied thus remain the property of Foxway until the full purchase amount, any expenses incurred and all other claims in relation to the commercial relationship have been paid by the purchaser.
  • 7. Delivery

    • 7.1. Delivery shall be deemed to have occurred upon transfer of the goods to the initial carrier with a view to the goods being forwarded to the purchaser or, if the purchaser itself has elected to collect the goods, when the goods are made available to the purchaser at Foxway´s place of business/warehouse.
    • 7.2. The delivery date indicated on the invoice is binding for Foxway, unless subsequently agreed otherwise. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, postponement of the delivery date by up to 15 working days is regarded as delivery being made on time in every respect, and based on the latter the purchaser cannot exercise any rights over Foxway. Foxway shall inform the purchaser about changes to the delivery date without unfounded delay.
    • 7.3. If the parties have come to an agreement regarding delivery to the purchaser's premises, the product shall be provided to the purchaser for the latter to unload.
    • 7.4. The purchaser is obliged to check the goods upon receipt and to make available the necessary manpower for unloading.
    • 7.5. Expenses in connection with any waiting time prior to unloading at the purchaser's premises or any other delivery location specified by the purchaser shall be charged to the purchaser; similarly, the purchaser must cover expenses arising out of not being able to accept the goods at the agreed delivery time.
    • 7.6. If delivery is delayed due to Foxway being in a situation indicated in Section 10, the delivery time shall be postponed by the period of the restriction; however, both parties shall be entitled to terminate the agreement without liability if the restriction has lasted for more than 2 months. This provision applies regardless of whether the cause of the delay occurred before or after expiry of the agreed delivery time.
    • 7.7. In such cases, Foxway shall immediately inform the purchaser of the change to the delivery date.
  • 8. Delay

    • 8.1.  Foxway is not liable for delays, and the purchaser therefore has no entitlement to reimbursement or compensation of any kind as a consequence of delays. Foxway's exemption from liability applies to any loss, both direct and indirect, including operating losses, lost profits and other financial consequential losses.
  • 9. Transfer of risk

    • 9.1. The risk for the purchased goods transfers to the purchaser when the goods are handed over for dispatch by Foxway/the supplier to independent carriers, or when the goods are made available to the purchaser at Foxway's place of business/warehouse. In the event that Foxway is unable to carry out a delivery due to the purchaser's situation, the risk for goods also transfers to the purchaser when notification of the situation in question is received by Foxway, and the goods are made available to the purchaser.
  • 10. Force majeure

    • 10.1. Foxway is not liable for non-fulfilment of Foxway's obligations and nor is it liable to compensate the purchaser for losses which are due to circumstances of an unusual nature and which prevent, make difficult or make more expensive compliance with the agreement, and lie outside the control of Foxway, including industrial disputes (strikes and lockouts), fire, war, uprising, domestic unrest, weather and natural catastrophes, official seizure, import or export bans, interruption of general communications, including energy supplies, substantial price and/or tax increases, currency fluctuations, production and supply difficulties.
    • 10.2. The force majeure clause in Section 10.1. is valid whether the impediments to compliance affect Foxway itself or a subsupplier or carrier appointed by Foxway.
  • 11. Defect and complaints

    • 11.1. Upon delivery, the purchaser shall immediately – and before commissioning – carry out a qualitative and quantitative inspection of the goods sold, as required by standard business practice.
    • 11.2. If the purchaser wishes to report a qualitative or quantitative defect, the purchaser shall immediately, and within 5 working days of the defect having been discovered, or should have been discovered - however no later than 6 months from delivery as the ultimate warranty period - notify Foxway in writing, indicating the nature of the defect. If the purchaser has, or should have, discovered, defects and the purchaser does not register a complaint in accordance with the procedure indicated above, the purchaser cannot subsequently assert the existence of the defect. Making alterations or carrying out measures on the goods sold without the consent of Foxway releases Foxway from any liability and obligation.
    • 11.3. Should it appear that the goods delivered are defective and Foxway is liable for this, Foxway itself undertakes either to adjust, repair or provide a replacement delivery (the course of action to be decided by Foxway) within a reasonable period of time. This is always subject to the complaint having been made on time.
    • 11.4. The purchaser shall comply with Foxway's instructions and method of dispatch.
    • 11.5. Foxway does not accept any liability for losses in the event of defects exceeding those indicated in section 11.3. The purchaser is not entitled therefore to any reimbursement or compensation of any kind in the event of defects. Foxway's exemption from liability applies to any loss, both direct and indirect, including operating losses, lost profits and other financial consequential losses.
    • 11.6. The purchaser undertakes to complain in writing to the carrier immediately after receipt regarding any transport damage. If it was not possible to discover the damage at the time of delivery, then a complaint must be submitted as soon as possible and within 5 days at the latest.
    • 11.7. If there are defects in some of the goods delivered by Foxway, the purchaser is only entitled to claim remedy for breach of contract for those goods affected. The purchaser is thus obliged to comply with the agreement with Foxway as far as the non-defective part of the delivery is concerned, including paying the purchase amount, and non-compliance with this on the part of the purchaser shall be regarded as a substantial breach of contract which entitles Foxway to claim remedy for breach of contract.
    • 11.8. Foxway's liability for defects only covers those defects which become apparent within a year from the day on which the goods were delivered.
    • 11.9. If the purchaser has submitted a complaint in accordance with Section 11.2., and it transpires that no defects exist for which Foxway bears responsibility, Foxway is entitled to reimbursement for the work and the expenses the complaint has given rise to for Foxway.
    • 11.10. Foxway does not accept any liability for losses exceeding those indicated in section 11.3 in relation to the services which Foxway's consultants must provide to the customer, including implementation of hardware and software. The purchaser is not entitled therefore to any reimbursement or compensation of any kind as a result of these services. Foxway's exemption from liability applies to any loss, both direct and indirect, including operating losses, lost profits and other financial consequential losses. Furthermore, Foxway is not liable for any loss by the purchaser of data as a result of breakdown or similar, nor is Foxway liable for the purchaser's other IT equipment, such as hardware, software, networks, firewalls, etc.
    • 11.11. It is the full responsibility of the purchaser to delete all personal data as defined in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 before any goods sold are returned to Foxway for diagnosis, adjustments, repair or redelivery.
  • 12. Cancelling and changing orders

    • 12.1. The purchaser may only cancel or change an order, including changing specifications, quantities and delivery dates, with the written agreement of Foxway on each occasion.
    • 12.2. Costs connected with a cancellation or changes shall be covered in full by the purchaser.
  • 13. Returns

    • 13.1. Goods can only be returned to Foxway after prior agreement on each occasion. In all cases, a request from the purchaser to return goods shall be notified to Foxway at the latest 5 working days after receipt of the goods.
    • 13.2. If an agreement regarding the return of goods is concluded, the purchaser shall pay all costs in connection with returning the goods, likewise the risk for the goods remains with the purchaser until Foxway has confirmed to the purchaser that the returned goods have been received free of defects.
    • 13.3. Returns must be unused, free of defects, and in the original unopened packaging. There must be no dirt on the goods. Payment for returns shall be agreed in writing on each individual occasion.
    • 13.4. Returns shall be sent back in accordance with instructions from Foxway. If not, Foxway reserves the right to charge a return fee equal to the loss in value plus handling costs for the goods.
    • 13.5. Goods can only be returned if the applicable RMA form, drafted by Foxway, is completed.
    • 13.6. It is the full responsibility of the purchaser to delete all personal data as defined in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 before any return goods – regardless of the reason hereto – after agreement is returned to Foxway for diagnosis, adjustments, repair or redelivery. This can only be deviated from by explicit written agreement in case of as example Foxway as part of as example purchase of used equipment takes on the responsibility for and work with deletion of personal data and other data on such equipment.
  • 14. Warranty

    • 14.1. Foxway does not provide a separate warranty on the supply of goods. The warranty in the purchase agreement, or a manufacturer's warranty for a product provided in another way, is only to be regarded as an extension of the manufacturer's guarantee so no claim can be made to Foxway under the warranty declaration in question.
    • 14.2. The warranty is only valid if the conditions of the warranty declaration are fulfilled and the instructions for assembly and use have been followed.
  • 15. Product liability

    • 15.1. Foxway’s product liability is limited, as indicated in the following provisions, unless Danish legislation clearly stipulates otherwise.
    • 15.2. Foxway’s product liability is limited to covering personal injury and is restricted to cases where the purchaser establishes that the injury occurred as a result of Foxway's gross negligence.
    • 15.3. Foxway is thus not liable for damage to the purchaser's movables or real property, likewise Foxway is not liable for damage to products manufactured by the purchaser or where the goods supplied by Foxway have been inserted.
    • 15.4. On no account is Foxway liable for the purchaser's or a third party's direct or indirect losses, including operating losses, lost profits and other financial consequential losses.
    • 15.5. If Foxway becomes liable under a separate product liability to a third party concerning goodswhich Foxway has supplied to the purchaser, the purchaser is obliged to indemnify Foxway to the same extent as Foxway's liability is limited to the purchaser in line with this agreement.
    • 15.6. Any non-statutory product liability which has evolved under Danish case law is thus expressly renounced.
    • 15.7. Foxway’s separate damages as liability for losses can never exceed DKK 5,000,000.00.
  • 16. Venue and choice of law

    • 16.1. Disputes between the parties shall be settled using Danish law. It is expressly noted that the International Sale of Goods Act does not apply to the relationship between Foxway and the purchaser.
    • 16.2. All cases shall be settled by the general courts in the jurisdiction where Foxway has its Danish registered office.
    • 16.3. However, Foxway is entitled to choose to have the case dealt with by arbitration in accordance with the laws regarding arbitration in Denmark valid at any given time.

   (Below is an additional term concerning German trade only)

  • 17. Vereinbarung über Eigentumsvorbehalt

    • 17.1. Die gelieferte Ware bleibt bis zur vollständigen Bezahlung sämtlicher Forderungen aus der Geschäftsverbindung zwischen uns und dem Besteller unser Eigentum (Vorbehaltsware).
    • 17.2. Der Besteller ist berechtigt, die Vorbehaltsware zu veräussern oder anderweitig darüber zu verfügen, sofern dies in seinem Betrieb zu den normalen Geschäften gehört. Eine Verpfändung, Sicherheitsübereignung oder Sicherungsabtretung ist ihm nicht gestattet. Der Besteller ist verpflichtet, unsere Rechte als Vorbehaltseigentümer beim Weiterverkauf von Vorbehaltsware auf Kredit zu sichern. Die dem Besteller aus der Weiterveraüsserung oder sonstigen Verfügung über die Vorbehaltsware entstehende Forderung tritt der Besteller schon jetzt an uns ab, wir nehmen die Abtretung schon jetzt an.
    • 17.3. Eine etwaige Be- und Verarbeitung der Vorbehaltsware nimmt der Besteller für uns vor, ohne dass für uns daraus Verpflichtungen entstehen. Bei Verarbeitung, Verbindung, Vermischung oder Vermengung der Vorbehaltsware mit anderen, nicht uns gehörenden Waren steht uns der dabei entstehende Miteigentumsanteil an der neuen Sache im Verhältnis des Rechnungswertes der Vorbehaltsware zu den übrigen Waren zu. Erwirbt der Besteller Alleineigentum an der neuen Sache, räumt er uns das Miteigentum ein und verwahrt die Sache unentgeltlich für uns. Wird die Vorbehalts-ware zusammen mit Vorbehaltswaren anderer Lieferanten weiterveräussert, und zwar gleich, ob ohne oder nach Verarbeitung, Verbindung, Vermischung oder Vermengung, so gilt die oben vereinbarte Vorausabtretung nur in Höhe des Rechnungswertes unserer Vorbehaltsware, die zusammen mit den anderen Vorbehaltswaren weiterveräussert wird.
    • 17.4. Zur Sicherung unserer Forderungen gegen den Besteller tritt uns der Besteller auch solche Forderungen ab, die ihm durch die Verbundung des Liefergegenstandes mit einem Grundstück gegen einen Dritten erwachsen; wir nehmen diese Abtretung schon jetzt an.
    • 17.5. Bei Zahlungsrückstand oder anderem vertragswidrigen Verhalten des Bestellers sind wir auch ohne vorherige Fristsetzung berechtigt, von dem Vertrag zurüchzutreten und die Vorbehaltsware zurückzunehmen; der Besteller ist zur Herausgabe verpflichtet. Zwecks Zurücknahme der Ware gestattet uns der Besteller unwiderruflich, seine Geschäfts- und Lagerräume ungehindert zu betreten und die Vorbehaltsware mitzunehmen. In einer solchen Zurücknahme der Vorbehaltsware liegt kein Rücktritt vom Vertrag, es sei denn, wir erklären dies schriftlich.
    • 17.6. Der Besteller ist verpflichtet, die gelieferte Vorbehaltsware auf seine Kosten gegen Feuer, Einbruch, Diebstahl und Wasserschäden versichern zu lassen.

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Polityka prywatności

Zaktualizowano wrzesień 2022

Cenimy ochronę danych osobowych i kładziemy duży nacisk na ochronę Twojej prywatności. Niniejsza polityka prywatności wyjaśnia, w jaki sposób jako administrator danych, traktujemy dane osobowe potencjalnych klientów zgodnie z (UE) 2016/279, ogólnym rozporządzeniem o ochronie danych (RODO). Ta polityka będzie miała zastosowanie w sytuacjach, w których Foxway Distribution traktuje dane osobowe zebrane z naszej strony internetowej i biuletynów. Korzystając z naszej strony internetowej i biuletynów, zgadzasz się, że Twoje dane osobowe są przetwarzane zgodnie z niniejszą polityką prywatności.

Czym są dane osobowe?

Dane osobowe to wszelkie informacje, które mogą posłużyć do identyfikacji osoby - np. imię i nazwisko, adres, numer telefonu, adres e-mail, numer identyfikacyjny.

Gromadzenie danych osobowych

Dane osobowe, które podajesz, to dane, które aktywnie nam przekazujesz przez:

  • Wypełnianie formularzy
  • Zkładając zamówienie
  • Korzystając z naszych usług
  • Zapisywanie się na wydarzenia
  • Składanie wniosków
  • itp.

Zbieramy dane o tym, w jaki sposób odwiedzający korzystają z naszych biuletynów i strony internetowej - poprzez adres IP, ustawienia przeglądarki, system operacyjny itp. Informacje te mają uzasadniony interes i są wykorzystywane do opracowywania naszych biuletynów, funkcji strony internetowej i ogólnej zawartości.

Przetwarzanie danych osobowych

Informacje, które od Ciebie zbieramy, mogą być wykorzystywane do następujących celów:

  • Zapewnianie spersonalizowamej usługi
  • Ulepszanie i optymalizacja naszej strony internetowej 
  • Poprawę naszej obsługi klienta i wsparcia
  • Dostarczanie zakupionych towarów i usług u nas
  • Poprawy naszej komunikacji. Podany przez Ciebie adres e-mail może służyć do wysyłania informacji i aktualizacji dotyczących Twojego zamówienia, nowości firmowych, aktualizacji, informacji o innych podobnych produktach i usługach, wydarzeniach itp. Możesz zrezygnować z subskrypcji w dowolnym momencie na dole każdego od nas e-maila.

Odbiorcy danych osobowych

Możemy ujawnić Twoje dane osobowe wszystkim firmom z naszej grupy (tj. Spółce holdingowej i spółkom zależnym), o ile jest to uzasadnione do celów określonych w niniejszej polityce prywatności

Nie sprzedajemy, nie handlujemy ani w żaden inny sposób nie przekazujemy Twoich danych osobowych stronom trzecim. Wyjątkami są zaufane strony trzecie, które pomagają nam w prowadzeniu naszej strony internetowej, prowadzeniu działalności, dostarczaniu zamówionych towarów lub świadczeniu usług, o ile strony te zgadzają się zachować poufność informacji i nie wykorzystywać ich do innych celów, które nie zostały uzgodnione. Możemy również ujawnić Twoje dane osobowe, jeśli uznamy to za konieczne w celu spełnienia wymogów ustawowych, przestrzegania zasad witryny lub ochrony praw, własności lub bezpieczeństwa naszych lub innych osób. Informacje, które nie umożliwiają identyfikacji konkretnej osoby, zebrane z witryny internetowej o odwiedzających, mogą jednak zostać udostępnione stronom trzecim w celach marketingowych, reklamowych lub innych.

Zawarliśmy umowy z zewnętrznymi dostawcami usług, aby pomóc nam uzyskać lepszy wgląd o odwiedzających witrynę. Tacy usługodawcy nie mogą wykorzystywać informacji, które zbierają w naszym imieniu, do celów innych niż pomoc w prowadzeniu i ulepszaniu naszej działalności. Jeśli Twoje dane osobowe zostaną ujawnione jakimkolwiek innym odbiorcom niż wskazano w niniejszej polityce prywatności, poinformujemy Cię o tym ujawnieniu w momencie zbierania Twoich danych osobowych i uzyskania Twojej zgody.


Pliki cookie to małe pliki, które witryna internetowa lub usługodawca wysyła na dysk twardy komputera za pośrednictwem przeglądarki (jeśli zezwalasz) i które powodują, że witryna rozpoznaje Twoją przeglądarkę i może pobierać i zapamiętywać określone informacje. Używamy plików cookie do realizacji niektórych niezbędnych funkcji i poprawy komfortu użytkowania, a także do tworzenia statystyk dotyczących ruchu i komunikacji na stronie.

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Jak długo przechowujemy Twoje dane

Będziemy przechowywać Twoje dane osobowe tylko tak długo, jak są one istotne dla celu, dla którego zostały pierwotnie zebrane.

Prawa osobiste

Masz prawo zażądać raportu o tym, jakie dane osobowe o Tobie posiadamy, prosząc o tak zwany wyciąg z rejestru. Masz również prawo zażądać poprawienia nieprawidłowych informacji o Tobie, a także możliwość żądania usunięcia Twoich danych osobowych. Masz prawo cofnąć zgodę na przetwarzanie i wykorzystywanie Twoich danych osobowych do celów marketingu bezpośredniego. Aby przesłać zapytanie, skontaktuj się z nami, aby uzyskać więcej informacji. Masz prawo do wniesienia ewentualnych skarg dotyczących przetwarzania Twoich danych osobowych do krajowego organu nadzorczego.

Transfer informacji między naszymi oddziałami w różnych krajach

Informacje, które zbieramy, gdy odwiedzasz naszą stronę internetową, mogą być przechowywane i przetwarzane oraz przekazywane między wszystkimi krajami, w których działamy, w celu wykorzystania informacji zgodnie z polityką prywatności.

Linki do stron trzecich

Możemy, według naszego uznania, publikować lub oferować produkty stron trzecich na naszej stronie internetowej. Te produkty innych firm mają własne, niezależne polityki prywatności. W związku z tym nie bierzemy odpowiedzialności za zawartość i działania tych witryn, do których prowadzą łącza.

Zmiany w polityce prywatności

Zastrzegamy sobie prawo do aktualizacji lub zmiany niniejszej polityki prywatności w dowolnym momencie, dlatego należy odwiedzić tę stronę, aby uzyskać najnowszą wersję.

Skontaktuj się z nami

Jeśli masz jakiekolwiek pytania dotyczące niniejszej polityki prywatności lub naszego przetwarzania danych osobowych lub chcesz skontaktować się z nami w sprawie Twoich danych osobowych, skontaktuj się z nami pod adresem